Deciding on a hair replacement system is a very personal and private decision. But this decision also requires gaining knowledge about your options and selecting a service that will guide you through the process. A "Hair Replacement System" has much more attention to detail than was the case with the old time wig, hairpiece or toupee. This attention to the details of the hair system gives it the qualities that result in a very natural appearance.
Studio Sonterra has been recognized by the beauty industry for years for outstanding Men's and Women's services in the areas of Haircuts, Hair Coloring, Hair Extensions and Women's Hair Replacement. We are happy to add to the salons roster of talent, with over 20 years of experience in hair replacement systems, Tommy Lee Thomas. Through the years Tommy has experienced the evolution of Men's hair restoration services to today's completely customized hair systems. Tommy lost most of his hair at the age of 18, and has used and experimented with several systems until find the ultimate in comfort, durability and most importantly natural customized look.

Our team will design and style a hair system with the proper hairline, density, color, and style, critical features, that make your hair system  look natural.  We stand behind our products and service 100%.  

Sonterra Hair Replacement consultation, fittings, styling and maintenance are done in a Private Suite with our Stylist and System Specialist.  Our clients privacy is of the utmost importance, and appointments are available at your convenience on Sunday or Monday.

1)  Initial consultation to educate and inform client.
2)  You are measured for the Hair System. Stylist and you will determine proper hairline, density and color of system.  Sample of your hair is taken.
3)  The Custom hair system is ordered with expectation of delivery within 5 weeks. 
4)  Hair System arrives.  You will be fitted with hair system.  The system is temporarily attached while the Stylist cuts and styles.  Upon obtaining the proper cut and fit, the system is removed and the client is educated on the proper attachment procedure.
5)  Your new system can be shampooed while attached.  You can swim in the hair piece and do everything as though the system was your own hair.  The adhesives are strong and  waterproof, but can be easily removed with our adhesive remover (included)
6)  Finally your system is backed by a staff of professionals ready and willing to answer your questions and provide the ongoing support and services to maintain an outstanding look.

What to Expect ...

How is the Hair System applied to the scalp?

5 Most Important Points to remember about
Sonterra Hair Replacement Systems

LICENSED AND TRAINED PROFESSIONALS: Proper Styling and fitting of a hair system requires a licensed and trained professional. These professionals will correctly analyze and replicate all the unique qualities of an individuals hair including hairline, density and color. Sonterra Hair Replacement System offers a team of professionals to guide you through every step of the process.  Monthly consulations are available in San Antonio, Austin, Dallas and Houston.

HAIRLINE: Sonterra hair systems are designed to replicate your natural front hairline, and the lace is virtually invisible, even close up. Through the use of our high-tech fine lace cap, the hairline disappears when pressed into the scalp using our blended adhesive.

DENSITY OF HAIR:  The front hairline of real growing hair is thinner and more random with a subtle graduation of density moving towards the crown. Density requirements vary from person to person. Stylists at Sonterra Hair Replacement Systems design the density and transition based on specific clients needs.

BLEACHED KNOTS: By delicately bleaching the knots tied into the base of the system, thus removing most dark color which leaves the knots virtually invisible. This affect gives the appearance that the hair is growing right from the scalp.

HAIR COLOR: Hair Studio Sonterra is considered one of the top color salons in the city of San Antonio. Our professional colorists will match your existing color to your new hair system, or if you desire give you a fresh new color and highlights.

Virtually Undetectable Hairline

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System Includes:

Custom hair system...... $995

- Private suite within the salon for complete privacy
- Custom designed, fitted and styled hair system.
- Intial fitting of new system that includes, matching exsisting hair or custom
     hair color, maintainance tips and system education.
- New system arrives and exisitng hair is colored for exact match is needed and
     system is custom styled to your preference.
- Supplies including adhesive, adhesive remover, shampoo, and system brush.
- 100% Satisfaction guarantee on the hair system and related services.

Hair Replacement Systems of San Antonio

Designed and fitted by top licensed and trained industry professionals.

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Styling and Cleaning of 
your Hair System

Our stylists will custom style and clean your system whether you purchased it
through us or not.


Custom Cutting / Styling / Color Match

$95 to $165

Custom designed & colored
hair system

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