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Balayage Hair Painting is a French term meaning "to sweep." The technique began in France around the 1970s and became popular in more urban areas of the US in the late 90s. The sweeping application can be applied heavily for a more saturated and bold highlight, or in a lighter, more feathered way for a sun kissed effect. The process produces ribbons of color weaving through the hair, which adds dimension and allows the highlights to pop. The technique is most well known and appreciated for its low maintenance. The highlights grow out more softly allowing more time between touch ups.

Balayage, which is also called "hair painting," creates the most natural-looking results because the colorist paints on the highlights by hand, and can scatter them throughout your hair in a more truly "sunkissed" and haphazard pattern. When using foils, you work row by row, which makes the highlight pattern look very linear and grid-like. With balayage, you have more flexibility on where you want to place the highlights so the resulting pattern can look more natural.

The "painting" of the hair also creates a more natural-looking color. With balayage, the stylist starts painting the color on at midshaft which is where the sun naturally hits your hair the most. Then, they gently paint up to the roots, which makes the growth at the scalp look more gradual. When foils are used, the entire section is coated evenly with color, then wrapped up in the foil, and the heat from the foil makes that piece uniform in color from roots to tips. Also, because the work is in rows, the demarcation at the roots [when it grows out] looks like a straight line.

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Balayage Highlights San Antonio

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What are balayage hair painting highlights?

Rather than applying lightener onto foils in a precise and consistent way, balayage highlights are swept onto the hair with the brush for a more custom highlight. Traditional foil highlights are applied by sectioning the hair into even sections whereas balayage highlights are “painted” on exactly where you want highlights.
Why would someone get Balayage Highlights?

If you are looking for a soft highlight, or sun-kissed natural highlight, balayage highlights are perfect. Or if you are just wanting to add some targeted pieces of lightness around your face, or ends, balayage gives you a more customized color that leaves less of a “line” as your hair grows.

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